HP DV6 or Dell XPS 16, which is more reliable, better quality?

Very confused choosing b/w DV6 or XPS 16....
XPS 16
Pros: has everything I need and more as a multimedia notebook.
Cons: Too heavy for portabillity? Also, I hear it gets very hot (90-101deg F.) Costs bit more than DV6.

Pros: lighter than XPS16? sleek looks, remote control, good enough value for good price.
Cons: many reviews of bad quality, auto reboots, bad screens, cheap quality cover, heat, non-existing HP customer care.

BOTTOM LINE: My decision depends on;
1- knowing the problems that each model has, driver, bios conflicts, etc...
2-the quality of the hardware, in and out. bad screens, too much heat, etc...
3-The reliability of customer service to take care of problems in a timely matter without too much frustration.

NOTE: I have had 3 Dell notebooks in past 10 yrs, only the last one had problems, but Dell resolved issues in timely matter. However, have not had contact w/ them for 3 yrs, since my warranty ran out and no problems w/y unit. How are they now?

Any insight of actual experience with either unit would be great...
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  1. In my experience, HP laptops have been nothing but pure junk. I've had 3 of them over the past 6 years and each time, they have all crapped out within a year and a half or so. On the other hand, my family has a bunch of Dell laptops and desktops and they are still running strong (some 3+ years). I'd go with the Dell, but then again, that's just my experience with HP.
  2. Iv'e had my hp for 3 years and haven't had any problems. My friend has had his for 2 years and still runs like brand new
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