photography camera for college student ?

My nephew wants to go into photography this summer and asked me for advice. I really don't know nothing about good photo newbie cameras. Anyone has an idea what is a good package? I'm talking about taking a class at a college level.

I seen some packages at best buy but they range from 500 to 700 ....and I relly dont know what to look for in a camera ...any ideas ..?
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  1. Start out with a basic DSLR camera. Later you can always add lenses based on the needs. I suggest Nikon DSLR with a wide angle zoom lens for general photography.
  2. Thank you
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    Here is a good system, camera plus lens:

    Please be aware that in some cases prices for cameras are prices for BODY only; the lens is extra.

    And, stay away from the 'grey market' products.
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