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My sister needs help with her Dell laptop. She was on Facebook printing pictures of her niece. She go one printed and when she clicked on the next one she wanted the screen locked up and see can't leave that site. I have had her unplug her printer and turn off her computer. That did not help. and I had her take the battery out of the computer. She left it out full a full night and then when she put it in the next morning her computer still went straight to the Facebook picture she had been trying to print.
Do you have any advice.

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  1. I think, we need a little bit more info here. When she starts the laptop, windows directly opens the browser and goes to facebook? Or does it start normally and she has to start the browser manually? Does the browser say something like "restring previous sessions"? Does the laptop react to clicks after that? Or is it in fact only the print job that shows up?
  2. From what she has told me her browser opens at startup. She has not told me of any error messages showing up. I will be going to her place this week (hour away) to try to solve this but don't know where to start. I will call and ask her if her mouse will do anything, but I have the impression that she can move the mouse because she said she clicked to try to close it. If the printer is unplugged and she had the computer off and the battery out won't that remove any hold the printer would have?
  3. You can goto start / printers and right click on the printer icon to display / delete the pending print jobs.
  4. I will call her when she gets off work to see if she can move her mouse and get to her printer to see if she is stuck on a print job. I should not have assumed it would always go away. I will reply again if she can't move her mouse to get to her printers.
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