Problems with the new computer....

Hello all,

Recently I just upgraded my computer by buying a new case, mobo, CPU, memory, and video card. Only thing from old comp is the Hard Drive, CD-ROM & Modem. My problem is that the new computer runs just about as slow as my old 333Mhz K6-2 when it comes to playing games. Here's a quick run down (i'm currently at another computer, so forgive that i can't give complete details.)

ECS Mobo @ 100Mhz FSB
Celeron 1.8Ghz @ 400Mhz FSB
ATI Raedon 7000/VE 32MB
Win98 SE

Yes I know, pretty cheap stuff. I put it together for around $200.

I'm thinking that it's due to the FSB speed of the motherboard, although i'm not to sure due to lack of experience with anything FSB related. Could this have me stuttering at 800x600 with low detail on a 3 year old game? (Sacrifice is the game BTW)

Also it may be that the video card just sucks. IT is 32MB, but it seems my old Voodoo3 ran faster and looked better.

Please help me. :o) I'm dying to get some of these newer games running.
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  1. You'd better get a new driver for your video card.
    Celeron 1.8 words at an FSB of 400MHz, so your FSB is all right.
  2. Remember when the first P4's with only 256k cache came out and were very slow, like a 1400 with RDRAM performing on par with a PIII 1000EB? Well, the Celeron is a slower version of that processor, the 1800 will be about the same as a PIII 1000EB I think, maybe a hair faster...until you cripple it with SDRAM. You're looking at maybe PIII 733 level performance, and that's assuming you have a fast hard drive, but you said you used your old one, so now you're looking at the performance of a PIII 733 with an old hard drive. NICE!

    Of course there are things that the Celeron 1800 does better than a PIII 733, but all of those types of things rely on clock cycles alone.

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  3. Ye gods! I never thought that anyone would actually be crazy enough to do it!

    Oh, the poor box. To not just use a cache-starved Wilty, but to then actually pair it with SDRAM to also bandwidth-starve it. Oh, the horror. The inhumanity.

    Please tell me it's better than CAS3 PC100. Please say at least CAS2 PC133...

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  4. Ok..the reason ur comp. performs like a a PIII 733 or mayeb even an because liek everyone else said u paired a bandwidth starved CPU with very low bandwidth Ram....SDRAM....and besides that..ur usuing an old hard drive liek crash said so it prolyl only ATA-33 and 5400RPM's.....and NOT only that....ur video card......that thing is a BIG piece of sh|t......dont even bother playign games on it...u can have a Athlon XP 3000+ Barton with that video card and games wont run ne faster.....throw it away.....i mean...a cheap GeForce 2 MX400 is 2 times faster than that thing!!!

    the K2-2 333 u had b4 was probably around the limits for that video u put a "super fast" CPU in there expecting it to perform really good......

    oh well....u coulda got a MSI745 Ultra MB and a AXP 1600+ and 256MB PC-2700 CL2 DDR Ram for $200 and would be MUCh faster than ur celery....but thats besides the point....

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  5. that's inhumane....they're totally correct...but inhumane...

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