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hi, i bought logitech z5500 5.1 system,

and it has those plain cables with no connectors and clips in the sub (i dont know how do you call those cables) anyway, the rear speaker cables are a bit too short,

so i decided to cut half of the cables from the front ones, and solder them to the rear cables to extend them a bit.

now, my question is, is there going to be any loss in sound quality because of this? i used some flux, and lead free solder.

also, if the cables are too long and i fold them up in a coil just so that they don't mix up with other cables, will there be any loss in sound quality? as i read that when a cable is in a coil it will generate little bit stronger magnetic field than when it is unravelled and it might interfere with the signal.

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  1. So long as your soldering is good, I wouldn't worry about either of the issues you've raised.
  2. Do a neat job on the cables.

    The self inductance of a small loosely coiled cable will have no audible effect on performance.
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