24" gaming LCD without built-in speakers

Hi guys, I'm looking for a 24" lcd monitor, mostly for gaming and watching movies.
1. Response time 2ms
2. Support 1920*1080
3. No built-in speakers
4. Good contrast ratio
Budget is around $300. I found some good deals on newegg with asus vw246h and acer H243H, but they were all built with speakers.
Those speakers sound weak and I've already got my Harman speakers, so that could be a waste.

One more thing, I noticed that lcd without speakers seemed thinner and more stylish, correct me if I'm wrong :D
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  1. So? Just don't use the built-in speakers. I have the Asus VK246H and I don't use 'em.
  2. Well, what I mean is, the lcd could look thinner and more stylish without speakers.
    For example, BenQ V2400W, but I could not find it on ebay, amazon and newegg.
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