Mp3 player trouble

Hello, I've been trying to put some music on my Sansa mp3 player, but Windows Media Player keeps telling me to plug in an mp3 player, eventhough it already is plugged in .
I don't know what to do to fix this problem, so if someone could help me , that would be awesome ! :)

Thanks a bunch beforehand ! :p
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  1. Most players have two different modes for connecting to a computer. Media Player mode and Disk mode. In one mode the player appears on the computer's Windows Explorer or My Computer as an external removable disk. In the other mode it can be synced with Media Player to update your tunes.

    Look in the Settings section of your player's menus and select the appropriate Connection Mode.
  2. it should automaticly go into that mode.

    does it have a hold on it?

    or anything to force it into the "mass storage mode" as above was hinting at
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