Cannon color printing is way off

Greetings to all
I am using a Cannon i560 printer with a XP machine and it prints very poor color from image or text files.

Here is what I have tried and no matter what, the results is the same

Nozzle cleaning and print head alignment , printer passes these internal tests, colors and black are all fine

Ran the XP printer check and that works fine but it prints only black text

Tried a various settings in the printer driver and in PhotoShop, prints are just ad bad no matter what I do

Tried different quality papers no change

Tried printing 4 large letters A B C D as red green blue and yellow. the green and yellow look good, the red is orange and the blue is light

Tried printing from a second computer nothing changed

Tried a different USB cable no change

At this point I could use some help suggestions via email would be appreciated

Thanks Ron
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  1. Is it recycled ink?

    By 'printer check,' do you mean the test page?
  2. aford10 said:
    Is it recycled ink?

    By 'printer check,' do you mean the test page?

    Thanks for your prompt response. I have just discovered the problem. I decided to put in new cartridges and in so doing I noticed that they had a letter P after the numeric code. For example 6PC which should have been 6C.

    They were genuine new Cannon items but the store where I purchased them made a mistake with all three colors and I didn't notice it. I looked back at a previous purchase and I found they had made the same mistake before with one out of the three colors

    As my color vision isn't really that great I accepted the test pattern as OK when in fact it isn't

    So rule for me in future is to read the package label more carefully
  3. Yep, sounds about right. It sounded like a cartridge problem.
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