SD card speeds for Canon T3i. Will I notice a difference?


I am a newbie to photography and I was looking at purchasing one of these SD cards for my New Canon T3i and I wanted to know if I would benefit from getting the 32gb over the 64gb?



So will I notice a difference when taking pictures between a 32 gb 90 mb/s and 64gb 30 mb/s? does the mb/s make a difference from taking one picture to another? does it write to the card faster, so when I try to take a new picture, the camera wont say busy?

Thank you for any help.
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  1. when you do 1080P Full-HD Video or high-speed continuous shooting then you will notice. For the T3i you don't notice the difference between both of them.
  2. 30 mb/s is more than sufficient, even for video. I use the cards to shoot HD on the 5DmkII all the time, even using older cards. You might hit the card's 30 mb/s limit only if you do a lot of continuous shooting in burst mode, as cin19 pointed out.

    On the flipside, faster cards with a suitable card reader also result in faster transfers to your computer.
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