Dell inspiron 1521 screen problems

ok my dell inspiron 1521 lcd screen only shows half of the screen on the left most of the time. sometimes il turn it on and in the middle random colored lines will appear vertically or all on the right side of the screen. it always different, but its always on the right half of the screen. its black or vertical colored lines, sometimes its just really fuzzy and there is a picture. please help me
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  1. You might try starting Windows in Safe Mode (press F8 as Windows starts to load) -- and see if this at least gives you a low resolution but otherwise correct view.
    If so try adjusting the screen setting in Control Panel, Display settings.

    But I'm afraid that most likely the screen or cable linking it to the computer or the video circuitry is damaged. There's little you can do about this yourself so visit a repair guy.
  2. It sounds like the cable has come loose internally. Typically the cable that runs from the laptop's motherboard to the LCD is a VERY thin ribbon cable and the mechanism that typically holds it in place is umm... cruddy at best.

    If it's under warranty obviously you need to call this in to Dell. If not, you might want to find a small screwdriver set and take a peak.
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