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Ok so I bought a volcano 9 cpu fan to replace the one thats already in there. After like 1-2 hours I finally got it in there and started up the computer. The volcano fan was spining, everything seems normal then when the first screen pops up (black bios screen thingy) everything freezes. I restart the computer and this time the screen stays black. YIKES, so I remove the volcano cpu fan and put my old one back in and the computer starts up normally. Then it gets to the point where my desktop is suppost to come up and I get a blue screen saying dumping physical memory blah blah. This is a screen that I get sometimes, ever since I upgraded my harddrive to ntos? or whatever its called. I restarted my computer and this time everythings fine. My desktop pops up and everything seems back to normal. So I was on the computer for about an hour then I get that blue screen again saying.. dumping physical memory blah blah.. So I restart my computer again and when I get to the point where my desktop is suppost to load, i get another blue screen. This one says something like, I should restart the computer, if I still get these error messages I should remove any recently installed hardware/software, and then they gave a few other suggestions on what to do. So now whenever I start my computer, right when my desktop is suppost to load.. I get this blue error screen....

STOP: c0000218 {Registry File Failure}
The registry cannot load the hive (file):
or its log or alternate.
It is corrupt, absent, or not writable

Beginning Dump of Physical Memory
Physical Memory Dump Complete. Contact your system administrator or technical support group.

And that is the exact error I get. Like I said before this error I have gotten before, id just be on the computer and all of a sudden that would pop up. Never really a big deal though, id just hit restart and it would be gone. Also I remember when it first started happening I did something to like Stop Physical Memory Dump to hopefully stop it. Before I did that in that error it would say like "Dumping physical memory to drive... 1" now it just goes from start to complete. BAH PLZ HELP!! Whats wrong with my computer!?
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  1. Well im definitely gonna say u musta at first installed ur HSF wrong as 1-2 hours to do it ?? no sorry im not trying to be harsh on u its just i think taking TO much care can be a very bad thing.......what i would do with ur HSF and put it on again but this time dont take so long...make sure the end of the clip that has the screwdriver fitting in it is facing the part of the socket with the 1½ cm overhang.....u DONT want the HSF to be actually touching the socket...only things that should have contact of some sorts are the bottom of the HSF on the CPU DIE and the clips on the HSF attached to the lugs on the socket.....

    as for ur error.....i think when u upgraded to NTFS it sum how didnt fully complete.....or maybe it did and it just doesnt like you.....but anyways also besides that "Beginning dump of physical memory" would that not mean theres a problem with ur ram ?? who knows....but id put ur new Volcano 9 back on there but do it properly this time.....make sure its on flush and u check it over b4 u power back on but dont take 1-2 hours to do it this time =) than u should format ur hard drive and re-install windows.....if ur still getting blue screens AFTER all that than id say ur ram is caput.....(dead)also make sure in the Windows XP Installation u tell it to Format using NTFS (DO NOT SELECT QUICK!!!) and than let it do its thing.....

    Anyways...take care and i hope this helps....

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  2. ok well the reason it took so long was because the fan I was trying to remove pain to get out. I got the volcano in fairly quick. Anyway I was thinking of reformatting but I think I may have another problem. I have windows 2000, a friend gave me the cd a few months ago, so I dont have a windows 2000 cd or startup disk. I do have a windows 98 CD and startup disk but will that work with my HD not being fat??

    oh ya also the reason it took so long is because the computer was bought on an online store so i think they put like glue on one of the fans clips to prevent it from falling out during shipment, took me awhile to get that off of there.
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  3. Glue on the heatsink and fans? LoL man the people these days r funny.......

    ummm........Windows 98 wont in itself do anygood...cuz now in order for it to work ur gonna need to run FDSIK....delete the "non-dos" partition that Windows 2000 made.....and than re-partition the drives...reboot...than format the drives off the bootdisk again THAN install windows....

    best thing 4 u to do is grab the Windows 2000 CD again or better yet get a copy of Windows XP.........

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  4. When you put the "old heatsink" back on, did you use new thermal paste? If it was the stock fan and you removed it, it may have had the wax pad on the bottom. I'm pretty sure this is a one time use only material. You could be overheating now and your computer is blue screening. If this is the case, try again with thermal paste this time.

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  5. the volcano fan came with the thermal compound, after I removed he original fan i put alittle bit of the thermal paste stuff on the cpu die. When the volcano wasnt working I took it out and just put the old one back it, didnt try to remove or add anymore thermal compound stuff... i dunno this sucks =[
  6. Did you install a fan or a fan and a heatsink?

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  7. alright why wont win98 in itself do no good? I know all about the reformating stuff, i've done it a few times with windows 98, but not since i upgraded to win2000. I have a windows 98 install cd and a windows 98 startup disk. Those won't work anymore? I need win2000 or xp? I have no problem going back to win98 for the time being if reformating and installing 98 will work...
  8. i installed a both a new fan and heatsink.
  9. Like i wont work UNLESS u delete ur partitions....which will register in FDISK as "Non-Dos" u made them NTFS......what didnt u understand about that the first time i posted about it ?? follow my directions from my previous post....

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  10. well i reformatted and for the most part everything seems to be working now... Though i'm trying to install a game and it gets to like 20% done and the computer just keeps restarting itself.. grr wtf?

    edit: and I just noticed a fan in the back of the computer ISNT spinning... could that be why my computer keeps restarting when I'm trying to install games?? Damn.. must of really screwed stuff up in there argh

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  11. This kind of problem could be related to cheap generic ( no name ) parts like memory, powersupply and even capacitors on your motherboard.

    You should check in your BIOS if your motherboard is reporting adequate voltage to each lines.

    An unstable power grid, a budget powerbar and a cheap power supply can cause a wide variety of errors which can lurk without you being aware of, maybe installing that new HSF pushed your system over the edge.

    High performance HSF tend to suck a great deal of juice, which can cause power issues if it's fed from the motherboard 12V line. Those HSF usually come with some kind of adapter to connect the red and black wires to a 4 wire power connector from your powersupply.

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  12. I would take the HSF off, clean it with 99% alcohol, clean the cpu with the same stuff, let it dry, and then apply a compound like Arctic Silver per their website instructions. Reinstall the HSF and try again.

    Then redo the partitions.

    If after redoing the partitions and reinstalling the HSF (download instructions from the web so you don't screw this up), I would start looking at other parts like the memory.

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