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How to connect a laptop to a desktop with an ethernet cable

I have a wifi in my apartment but I dont have a LAN coming to my room so I can't access internet on my desktop! Now what I want to do is I want to connect my laptop to my desktop using the ethernet cable without a router, so that I can access internet on my desktop as well as my laptop... note-both laptop and PC run on windows XP! The laptop belongs to COMPAQ and the desktop to IBM!
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  1. Why not a cheap usb wireless card for your desktop?
  2. Well I want to connect it with a ethernet cable only... Well anyway thanks... How much would the USB wireless card cost, can you pls tell me INR (Indian Rupees)/// thanks!
  3. 10 bucks in USA dollars (cost of a fast food meal) used.
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    If you have Wifi connection on your laptop you can do it like this, because it's free:

    - connect your desktop and laptop with a lan cable.
    - start up your laptop and desktop
    - go to connection settings on your laptop, then to adapter settings.
    - select wifi adapter + lan adapter and click on the right mouse button.
    - click on bridge connections

    This should work, the only drawback is that you have to turn on both computers and that the internet is a bit slower.
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