What is the difference between 25 gb and 50 gb bluray movies?

what is the difference between 25 gb and 50 gb bluray movies? Is there quality difference or higher bit rate difference? and which source(computer or bluray player) is better for 1080p optoma hd20 projector?
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  1. In short, 25GB blu-ray discs are single layer and 50GB blu-ray discs are dual layer. The difference in the size will be due to several factors: bit rate, length of film, extras included, alternate audio, alternate scenes, 3D, etc.

    That being said, there will not be a difference in the quality of a film if you can find it on both single and dual layer blu-ray. For example, a standard edition film may fit on a single layer blu-ray but a special edition with extra features or 3D may require a larger capacity dual layer disc. The film will be the same.

    For the PC vs. stand alone blu-ray players you will find very different opinions. A standalone blu-ray player usually has decent picture quality out of the box. A PC blu-ray player may be just as good upon initial setup as a standalone, or may require some tweaking to get a good picture. For example, you may need to play with the output video levels on a PC because there may be a quality difference between 0-255 levels (PC range) and 16-255 levels (TV range). It will depend on the capabilities of your TV how these are handled. Also, it's much easier to get 24p playback on a standalone player, while it can be tricky on a PC.
  2. thank you so much
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