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I have been trying to upgrade my windows ultimate from 32 bit to 64 and take advantage of the extra gig of RAM.

First of all i have been looking for a clean iso file completetly legal and use the serial from my 32 bit. So far i found this one and it is the one im currently trying to use.

The main problem is: When i get to the installation menu it asks for the drivers to install. From the guides i have been looking at to reformat and clean install it doesn´t show up or mention such a thing. I´m looking for help and guidence about this. It´s my first time reformatting or even installing an OS.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I have researched a bit more and appearently i had a missing driver (ethernet controller) and now it is fixed. Will it run without troubles now?.

    There are many solutions for this and even a corrupted file can cause this as well something related to SATA HD.
  2. So where i can downlaod a legit copy of windows 7 ultimate 64 bit?
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