How Do i connect my 360 to my monitor

Hi i have come across a problem :L i just got a 30' LG monitor Flatron W3000H it only has 1 dvi and 2 usbs on it
but how do i connect it to my 360 which has vga hdmi scart and usb's ive tryed quiet a thew adapters like hdmi to dvi cable
but ehrn i switched xbox 360 on the screen was just black and it wasnt on standby HELP PLEASE badly wanna fix this so i can play cod6 on a 30' screen when it comes out ofcourse
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  1. Have you tried toggling between the options in your TV (DVI, USB)?

    Has the adapter was good, with all of his pins?

    Have you tried to play something through the Xbox?
  2. Not sure what to try

    and the adapters ive used Have correct number of pins which is 24 +1 (dvi)

    And Xbox i put a game in but yeah still black screen when using the hdmi to dvi
  3. When I wrote toggle I meant if you can try changing inputs with your control remote.

    Have you tried plugging the Xbox to another TV/Plugging another console (or computer) to the TV?

    If you feel like doing it, do it and get back with the results.
  4. It is A monitor there isnt a remote.....

    and i dont have any tvs >_> but what i have atm is my 360 plugged into my 22' monitor with a vga cable that monitor has a dvi and vga port
  5. The remote is not the point, the point is that you can change the input option somehow (remote control, button on the monitor).

    When you plug it into the 22" does it work? (When I said try to plug it to another TV I meant to another monitor, sorry.)

    If by connecting it to the 22" it works, it's one of two problems: 1) The adapter doesn't work 2) The DVI connection in your TV is malfunctioning
  6. Well my screen only has 1 output DVI-D so there is no input options
    And that hdmi to dvi-D cable does work on my 22' but doesnt on my 30' :L but atm im using my 30' for my Extreme gaming pc
  7. Have you tried plugging in another console/computer (with a DVI output)? If so and still doesn't work, my conclusion, (take it with limited guarantee, since I'm not a monitor technician, and haven't seen the monitor itself) is that your monitor is malfunctioning.

    Try asking it again in the forum (with another title, because when people see that there are replies to your message, they don't bother themselves by checking the message).

    As if nothing helps your last option is to take it to a professional laboratory/the store where you bought it from, and fix it.
  8. i plugged it into my second pc with the hdmi to dvi cable and it works >.< just this 30' i think it might be something like i looked at the manual for my screen says it supports only dvi-D dual link and the other monitors say single link
  9. I is possible that the cable and the adapter that you used were single-link DVI, and your monitor needs a dual link connection.

    If your monitor needs a dual-link DVI connection, it won't work if you plug a single-link DVI connection.

    If it's not much of a bother for you, try getting yourself a dual-link DVI cable to connect from the Xbox to the monitor, and see if it works.

    Since the dual-link connection has backwards compatibility with single-link connection there will be no problem if your Xbox has single-link connection.
  10. Now theres the next problem where do you get a dual link dvi-d to a vga or hdmi :o
  11. Again, take my advisement with limited guarantee.

    I looked for it in Google, and the first relevant result was this Of course you can look for it more, in an electronics store close to your home, or in the Internet.

    I hope I gave you a satisfying answer.
  12. Thanks that sounds like the right thing :D but ill try find it from the uk atleast i know what im looking for now xD
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