Effects of uninstalling Blue Coat Proxy Client?

Hi all. I recently found the program Blue Coat Proxy Client installed on my laptop. This is a school laptop. I was simply wondering what would happen if i uninstalled it? Because it won't let me stop the process in task manager so i would imagine that the laptop or school doesn't want me playing around with. Would it disconnect me from the school network? Would it basically make the laptop mine and give me access to everything?Too many thoughts going through my head. :??: What is the main use of it? Any details would be helpful. I don't really care to much about but curiosity has gotten the better of me! :kaola:
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  1. The application was installed for reason i.e. remote management etc and as such I would recommend against the removal of it. In simple terms this is not your laptop but owned by the school which has provided its students with a tool for education.

    The laptop itself may be locked down whereby only an admin would be able to remove said application.

    Is this application somehow hindering your education?
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    This is a security feature put in place by the owner(School) of the laptop. We can't help you bypass any security measures put in place.

    If you fell you need to bypass the proxy, go see the school's IT staff about it, and let them help you.
  3. No it is is not hindering my education, and no i don't want to bypass any security/proxies. Like i said, just curious. Thankyou for your replies. :)
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