Dell xps vs sony vaio cw

which one is good........?
sony or dell have best Build quality...?
hardware configuration is almost same for both...
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    Some will tell you Dell, others will tell you Sony. From my view point, I think that they are right on par with each other in terms of build quality. If I were you, I'd go with whatever one offers the longest warranty, i.e. sometimes Dell will throw in an additional year for free.
  2. Is the price same too ?
  3. no sony has 57000/- and 63000 for dell.........
    both r looking good...
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  5. The build quality is not the same. Dell's xps 13 is thinner and lighter. I own the VAIO CW and it has extra features like a quickboot os, and things like that. The dell studio xps 13 has a backlit keyboard, which the cw doesnt. The CW comes with better media software. It is not exactly 'the same.' :D
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