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I am looking for a new pc for the living room. I don’t the time or know how to build my own so i have been looking on the web and came across this site and would like to know what other people think about it before I buy one

Thank you in advance
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  1. It really is a very powerful computer (even though the CPU is not written there).

    I think that more than 1,500$ for an HTPC (a home theater computer) it's to expensive. Unless you are going to play games, and load him, I don't find a reason why to spend so much money on something like this. you can find HTPC's in half of the price, and still give you what you need. You can look for something cheaper, or ask the folks in the "Home Theater" section to suggest you for something good.
  2. thank you for your reply

    so you tink it will do everything that i need it to do and it looks just like a stereo
    so it will look right with my Marantz home theater system and i will not have some bulky computer sitting in the living room
  3. I posted my opinion assuming that you are an "average" user, that will use this PC for watching video (Even in Full HD), Hear music (In a very good quality), and surf the Internet.

    If you are going to use this PC for something more, or that you have some exact requirements on one of the components, you are welcome to post it, and my help will be able to be more focused.

    About the look you shouldn't worry because of the simple reason that there are so many manufacturers that manufacture exactly this kind of things (cases for "Home Theater PC"), so the variety is big. You can look for "HTPC case" in Google and you'll see how many there are.

    So if you are an "average" user as written above, you can get a PC that will suit you in half of the price.

    For additional help, post your request in here.
  4. Mostly I will be using it as a dvr/ blu ray player and for net flix in my home theater system and I want it to look right with the rest of my system I dont want like having stuff sit all over the place I want something that fit into the rest of my system I spent $15000 on a home theater and dont want to just throw something in it that will work and not look right with the rest of the system
  5. You should have mentioned it at the beginning of the post. Apparently money is not an issue for you, which means that any expensive system (as long as its pretty) will be good for you.

    So, the system in your first post, would be just fine. Don't forget you can invest a lot of money in the exterior, that will fit the living room, and of course your very-expensive home theater, and put ordinary components that will fit your needs, but that of course is up to you.
  6. I was looking at other computers and for what i am wanting to do with it HP and Dell would have to be built for me and cost a little more then that and would not be 1080p or have DTS live, NEO 6 or video upscaling,or MULTI room playbay back
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    I think that a pre-built computer of an important manufacturer (Such as HP and Dell) is not a wise investment of the money, because of the simple fact that a large part of the price is for this little logo on the front of the case. Since you are practically unlimited in terms of budget, you wouldn't mind paying this money for the logo (I guess).

    If the system that you mentioned above supports all the technologies that you mentioned above, and you like the case, buy it. When I replied to you at the beginning it was because I thought you were an "average" user with an "average" budget, that would prefer saving some money, since it's not your case, there isn't any problem with the first system posted.

    So, if you would buy it, post if you want a picture displaying the new system in it's new technological environment (Your living room).
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