Specs for the new system

I think I may have finally figured out what I am going to get. Tell me what you think.

P4 2.4B - I will probably do a little overclocking with retail hs/f for now - 193

512 XMS Corsair 2700 - or 3000 because it is the same price at newegg. And I have no money. - 159

Gigabyte 8sg667/800 - upgrade later this year when I have more money and the sis655 are out in full force or maybe springdale . . . or something that supports 800 fsb for future upgradability - 88

Western Digital 80gb 8mb cache - 107

Floppy from old computer

CD burner from old computer

Cd drive from old computer

All in wonder 9700 pro - I do some graphics intensive 3d modeling and the only reason I wanted to upgrade my system in the first place so this is justified - 389

Mobo and All in wonder have stereo out which is good enough for me for now - looking at audigy 2 platinum later

Speakers - not sure yet, with only the stereo out, i will wait on 5.1, I'll get some decent stereo speakers - 30/40?

Keyboard - I really want the same keyboard I have now but I can't take it from my sister, so I am getting a new one, its the microsoft internet keyboard pro - old version with 19 plain blue simple buttons across the top. I like it ok.. - 40 (lowest I could find, no one has them)

Mouse - Logitech mouseman wheel mouse - again, old version that I have. It has a thumb button and is perfectly molded to my hand. Really hard to find but found one that is black but has dell on it, i can get that off easily - 10

OS - Already have win2k pro

I will need a modem, no broadband here, but mobo will have that later so us robotics 56k pci something - I am still not sure how much I can get a decent modem for I haven't looked at them much yet. - 25/50?

Monitor - Got a 21 inch for free, well, for doing a 3d animation for this guy who is producing some videos

Case - Lian Li PC 60 with the 2 usb ports in front panel, a nice aluminum case - 111

Power - I am not sure on this either, I know it is very important. but what is a good choice here . . . I have heard many many things. What do you guys think, for the components you see, what is a safe bet for total power 420? I will be putting more and more in over time so allow for some more hd's, cd drives, dvd, etc. - 60/90??

Total - 1212/1277

I have about 1160 to my name right now and can bum some off my parents, or work some more. I will be able to make some good money over the summer so I can pay for Audigy 2 platinum, a new mobo, 5.1 speakers, more ram (Would it be better to get 2 sticks of 256 so I can take advantage of dual ddr??) Tell me what you think???!!!!

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  1. I would go with an Antec power supply. Also, you may want to wait for the new HT and 800mhz FSB stuff is out, it's only a couple of months. Or if you want to save save some cash, Intel CPU prices dropped, and you could get a nice SIS 648/655 or 845PE board. For alot of applications your computer will only be as fast as your hard drive as this is the systems slowest part. I would definitely wait for the WD Raptor to come out. This will help your performance far more than getting the absolute best MB and RAM. I was really caught up in getting the best of everything, but it's usually a waste of money as the performance increases are relatively small. Here's an example, what would you rather have: 256mb of PC3500 or 512mb of PC2100? You're better off with the 512, so it's a matter of putting the money where it's best served. I want the new stuff too, but if it's going to priced to where I'll have to settle with a slower processor, I'm better of getting the better processor on an older MB/RAM combo as that will affect performance more than an FSB increase. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Quote:
    I'm better of getting the better processor on an older MB/RAM combo as that will affect performance more than an FSB increase

    i disagree.. that is a very short term upgrade. the most effective upgrade is one that will allow you to upgrade at later dates for minimal cost. if you buy the best mobo on the market right now you have a solid base for future upgrades. you can upgrade to the latest and geatest processor on your next pay check. and get some sata hdd. and if you get a dual channel mobo then you put another stick of ram in and run dc. you can raid your hdd. etc etc
    but if you go for the cheap mobo you probably wont be able to do any of that.

    I'm out of my mind, but feel free to leave a message.
  3. That is a good point. Something I left out in my thinking. I guess I don't mean a really old board, I was thinking more like an 845PE which can be had for 100 bucks and is quite upgradeable processor wise. Dual channel is nice, but I havent seen any stats which show it being a huge difference maker.
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