Taking Apart Dell Inspiron 580

I was wondering, if it is possible to take apart the Dell inspiron 580 out of his case, and put everything in another case.
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    Yes you can!


    Per the specs, you will need an ATX case. Get a mid tower if you like it to be compact (full tower is bigger).

    If you are going this route I suggest that you take out the motherboard along with as much components as possible and then transfer component by component into the new case as sub-assemblies as much as possible.
  2. For taking things out:

    Disconnect power & all of the cables.
    Ground urself touching a metal surface.

    Take the cover out, check the link u got posted before http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/systems/insp580/en/sm/index.htm
    start taking out RAM sticks, & expansion cards if any.

    Here after, u'll need to disconnect wires & even use screwdrivers for some components:

    Take the drives out.
    Take the heatsink/fan(s) out.
    Take the Power supply out,
    Take the Motherboard out (then compare the screws' layout with the one on ur other chassis... some Dell models like Optiplex have a different layout, they won't fit in any ATX chassis unless u mod the later, I don't think this one's like that, but u better make sure)

    Don't take the CPU out of its socket for any reason. U better leave it in all of the time. U might want to clean it out & change thermal grease though.

    Intall Power supply first, then MB, coolers, drives, cards, RAM & plug things in... Enjoy!
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