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Hi everyone. We're looking for a laptop for live video broadcasts using h264 video encoding (maybe streambox). Obviously, we're considering Core2Duo 8XXX and more and at least 3GB RAM. The video encoding is going to be made outdoors, so we need a durable case.
The really tricky part is cooling. H264 encoding is going to make the laptop really hot, so we're looking for a really well cooled laptop.
We're also looking for a cooled-carrying-solution. The idea is that our cameramen set the encoding options, close the laptop and put it on their backpacks and broadcast. Something like this
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  1. What's wrong with the programs you linked to?
  2. There's nothing wrong... well, there is: price. Streambox hardware version is too expensive, so we have to go with the software version, but for that, we need good laptops. The livestream thing is only available in the US, and I'm in Peru. I used it more as an example of what we finally want to do. I mean, we need a well cooled laptop that can handle live h264 encoding. We've been using hp Pavilion tx1000, but after a year, every video chipset got fried. Now i have a Dell Studio XPS 1340, but it has serious temperature issues and i don't think it will last much.
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