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Ok I'll try and make this brief. Building a new system on a A7N8X MOBO what seems to be better CPU wise, the XP 2400 with 266FSB at 182.00 or the XP 2600 with 333 FSB at 260.00? How well does each OC? Is it worth it to go with the 333 FSB or am I wasting my time. And what memory should I pair it with was thinking the Corsair DDR PC-3500 but there is still OCZ and Crucial too, what's your opinion or experience? And last thing is if I plan on getting a 512 stick is it worth it to run 2x256 sticks in dual mode or is it better to get 1 512 stick and run it regular until I can get another to run it in dual mode with 2x512's eventually?

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  1. I have my chiantech bforce2 motherboard with a 2400axp running at 13X166=2158 and it runs fine get the 2400axp and drop the multiplyier and up the buss to 166...

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  2. As andrewbadlose says, the 2400 is a great oc'er.I am doing very similar to him except mine is running at 13.5X166, i.e. 2800 speed on abit nf7-s (nforce 2).Great Value.

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