Please help me with my new system

Case Antec PLUS660AMG $116.00
PSU Included $0.00
Fans 80mm case fans (2) $32.00
MoBo A7N8X Deluxe $148.00
Proc Athlon XP 2100+ Retail $102.00
Misc Arctic Silver Thermal $8.00
RAM Kingston PC2100 512MB (2) $160.00
Video ATI Radeon 9500 PRO $197.00
HDD WD 40GB 7200RPM 8MB $83.00
OS Windows XP $97.00

Budget: $1000US

I will be using this system primarily for gaming. I will not be overclocking the system.

Now the questions:

1. How does this look? Should I upgrade/downgrade anything? Where will the bottlenecks/shortcomings be in this system?

2. The PSU that comes with the case is a Antec Truepower 330W. Will that be sufficient to run this system?

3. Will the stock HSF be sufficient for this system? I will not be overclocking, but I may be leaving it on overnight at times. The ambient temperature in the room stays between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thanks in advance!!
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  1. Get the Antec 1080AMG. It comes with a 430 True Power Supply & 3 fans. I think it would be cheaper than what you've spec'd & maybe save a few $$$$.

    Other than that it's good to go. Rock on with it. Good gaming to you for sure

    I'm still learning & having fun doing it!! Trouble comes with the things you forget or overlook along the way that make it not so fun!!
  2. Thanks. I looked at that case. Unfortunately, it's too large to fit on my desk. :(
  3. One thing that you could do is buy 2 x 256MB PC2700 memory instead of 2 x 512MB PC2100. And then with the saved cash buy a 333 MHz CPU (XP 2700+ for example). You will therefore have faster memory, faster CPU bus speed and faster CPU clock speed. All of this will be much better performance wise than 1GB of RAM in XP.

    Also I would recommend a Seagate Barracuda ATA IV hard disc (7200 rpm and very quiet) You would then probably be able to get 60GB for the same price as that WD 40GB.

    330w Power supply should be fine - I have an Enermaw 350w with DVD drive, CD writer, zip drive, 2 hard discs, 5 case fans & a GF Ti4600 and mine works perfectly.

    If you want to cut down on noise for overnight operation then go for evercool 80mm fans on the case combined with a noiseless enermax PSU and a Zalman Flower CPU cooler (coupled with 80mmm fan on the bracket)

    Hope that helps :)

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