Memory replacement for Dell inspiron 6400 Centrino Duo


I want to give a second life to my 3 years old laptop with windows 7.
I was wondering what memory should i buy, but i read some conflicting facts all around.
I think best solution would be to ask the community.

First, from dell or different memory manufacturer, i read my laptop would only take up to 2GB of ram and up to DDR2-667mhz. But the inspiron 6400 model has plenty of configurable parts, i do not have an integrated GMA 950 graphics.

Here is my concern, with CPUz and windows system information, i see that my chipset is intel 945PM paired with a intel southbridge 82801GHM (ICH7-M).
945PM Calistoga 533/667 MHz 4 GB

From the intel specs, looks like i can go up to 4GB with 667MHz on the 945PM chipset. But what is contradictory is that dell or any memory manufacturer wont even suggest 2GB stick or even 667MHz frequency memory.

Should i follow intel specs or dell's? Dell doesnt seem to take in consideration the different chipset used.
Should i go with 4GB 667Mhz KIT (2x2gb) or get the 2GB 533MHz kit (2x1gb) ???

thanks for helping
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  1. It's confusing. . the XPSs based on that chipset spec 2GB per slot, but most the literature for the 945PM say 1GB per slot. If you could borrow a 2 GB sodimm that would be the ticket. Hell, take it to a computer shop or the geek squad desk at BB if you want to make sure.
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