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I play music in a band and when practicing play along with MP3's. Mostly we get songs that are in 440 tuning which is standard tuning, but some songs are either in drop D tuning or tuned down to another key. We also have to bring this music back to standard so our singer can sing it to his own comfortability.

I know of some who are using Sony sound forge programs , but they're very difficult to transpose .

I was wondering if theirs anything easier to use out there, to transpose music sound in one tuning , to another. Thanks
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  1. Audacity 1.3.9 has an option in the effect menu to change pitch. Select the track by clicking on the information bar for it (you have to have something selected to run an effect), select the change pitch effect and the change using the GUI. I haven't used this effect for this purpose myself, but I think it would work.
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