What's the difference between Microsoft Server and Windows?

I was just wondering what the difference between Microsoft Server 2008 and Windows XP would be, or just Microsoft Server and Windows in general. Now, I may have this completely wrong, but from what I understand, Microsoft Server is an OS much like windows, just optomized for a machine that will be used as a server. It also has many of the same functions that windows has. Am I right in thinking this, or am I way off? Thanks.
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  1. In brief, Windows 2k8 is designed specifically to be a network OS. meaning, it includes extra networking services, managerial tools, higher end hardware support, more recovery options... etc etc. hence it is more expensive.

    Windows Vista and 7 are intended mainly for consumer audience. However, The codebase of Windows Vista is based on Windows Server 2003. Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 share the same core. The are one but not the same, for example, many vista apps, security software and games won't run on windows server.
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