So I build my first computer HAZAH!!!!
However Wind 7 is acting up. I went to update instead of custom. Then it told me to remove my disc and do it start it up and put the disc back. I did this and i was prompted that my boot manager was not found and to prest crt alt del to restart. i restarted but am back on this screen. Ideas????
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  1. Boot from the cd and repair your installation
  2. How do I do that. I put the CD back in and pressed CRL ATL DEL. Just brought be back.
  3. It shows I have 3 boot options in my BIOS. AHCI PI: WDC bunch of numbers but guess its my hard drive. AHCI PO: HL-DT-ST BD-RE and UEFI: HL-DT-ST - BD- RE. I think the 3rd is my blue ray.
  4. Ohhh ok. I was doing it right I forgot to save changes. LOL sorry
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