Can i charge my laptop while it is on?

can i charge my laptop while it is on?
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  1. Yes. Actually, I recommend you keep the power plugged in when using your laptop to avoid drain/recharge cycle which will shorten your battery life. (unless you are on the move and needs to run on battery of course)
  2. Sure, that's how it works.

    But keep in mind this: they have a certain lifetime, calculated in cycles (this is, the# of times it can be charged & discharged, & depending on your brand -hipro, lite on, etc... - it's going to be X hundreds of times).

    The best approach then, we may say, is to discharge it completly before charging it again. As Pyree said, this way u don't discharge it/overcharge it or, as I've heard some say, it'll become "lazy"... just like cell phones'.

    When home, use the AC adapter -or charger, brick...-,
    when mobile, use the battery. Once it's fully charged, remove either or.

    Carpe Diem!
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