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I am trying to load windows on my newly built computer. I am following the instructions but when I try to make a partion it is grayed out. It also says that it can not be written or copied on this disc. I have a Super Multi Blue LG internal Blu-ray disc rewritter BH 14. Can this not read disc???
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  1. The only dumb question is the question that was not asked =P
    Anyways, I am having a hard time understanding your question.
    Are you trying to install windows on to the hard drive?
    If you are, then you can not install on to a dvd player.
    You need to create a new partition on the hard drive, but it appears that it is not detected.

    If you are trying to create a backup of you windows disk, then the disk you are using has something on it already and you need to get a different one.
  2. Ok my friend who is in IT called. I needed to delete the 2 partitions that it auto created. I then made a new one. And yea I was trying to get it to install on my hard drive. The language threw me.
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