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Dear Sir/Madam, I am at present operating with a Nikon d 300. What are my best options for an upgrade. I want a good frame rate for shooting fast moving action (the d 300 is 6fps). I would like camera with pop up flash as it serves me well. I would like to go to higher ISO (at present max is 3200). I like the look of d800 but concerned about dropping back in frame rate. I am not concerned about video on the camera. Would welcome you views.Regards Tayler Strong.
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    I don't have any Nikon cameras, I have the canon. If you need the good frames rate camera, 1) EOS-1D X (up to 12 fps), 2) Nikon D4 (up to 11 fps)

    But all the high end cameras don't have the pop flash which is limited.

    Also if you need other like olympus E-M5 (they said up to 11-12 fps).
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