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Help me please...two days agto my LG plasma starts displying the menu tabs in the center of the screen. the remote doesn't work when this happens, even the tv buttons dont work.. We have to wait for it to disappear and then back sometimes in seconds and sometimes along as 5 minutes. I cant get it to stop popping up and it displays at the top sometimes "no information available in AV2 mode...it also shows a run through of the different modes as if someone is trying to locate AV2 or AV1 or Cable, etc. HELP PLEASE! THANKS
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  1. Is this tv connected to a computer or is this just something that you have in your entertainment center connected to the other components(reciever,dvd player,cable ). Have you tried calling the tech support for the tv?
  2. Not connected to a computer , just other components. Yes I called a number given to me by the store...had to leave a message...two days ago!!
  3. Can you do a factory reset?
  4. I am not sure how to. I will look that up now. Thanks
  5. It should be in the owners manual how to do that and if that doesn't help then you may need a tech to look at it.
  6. Refer to the model of your TV... Got to LG website and download the users/operating manual of your TV. PDF file then you can read the options on how to set your TV.
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