Is my lcd screen need to be replaced?

On my ipod touch 2nd generation I have replaced the rear panel, after reassembling it, the screen only shows a white flash, but all other features is "working", like, I could play a song in it, but the screen is all white, I have tried hard-reset and all software/firmware problems, my question is, if I change the lcd screen will it work again?
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  1. I admire your courage in disassembling any Apple product but be careful to avoid static damage if your are going to invest in a new screen -- this may have been what did for your screen -- or is it just disconnected ?

    These things aren't designed to be repaired.
  2. Thanks for your reply, and yes, for sure these things aren't designed to be repaired.
    But anyway it is not disconnected I have checked many times, I took care about the static but it may have happened.
    I have ordered a new one, as soons it arrives I post the results here.

  3. Yes, do tell. I have an iPod mini due for a new battery and plan to swap out the hard drive for a compact flash card.

    The thing's working at the moment but the last iPod mini I opened I broke the clickwheel lead, then broke the replacement clickwheel's lead.

    Swore I'd never touch the darned things again but then someone gave me another one.
  4. I have ordered a new screen, I am still waiting for it, as soon it arrives I post my results here
  5. My new lcd screen has arrived, after changing the same is still there, white screen.
    But the ipod is usable, touchscreen workin, sound too.
  6. I have had two iPod minis and an LG touchscreen player. Last weekend found one of the cheaper Sony players (at a considerable reduction on the approx $70 list price because it's an old model).

    Like current Sonys, resembles the iPod Nano but with bigger screen and separate controls for menu and volume. I would say it's the best player I've yet used.

    Lacks the wow factor of a Touch but I bet you'd appreciate the small size and 40+ hours battery life.
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