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I have Z5500 speakers and now i need to purchase sound card. i love to watch movie and listen to lot of music so i need to know which one is best for Z5500 speakers...!!?
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  1. If your pc have optical output, then use that instead. You'll deside later if you still think you need a sound card.

    But if you do. Check Azuntech or the Asus Xonar cards.
  2. the DAC on the z-5500 may not be as gd as the ones in the soundcard u meantioned.

    its always best to go analogue then digital in most circumstances.
  3. Watching movies with DD/DTS and listening to SDCD or DVD-Audio using Z5500 decoder is as good as using discrete sound card. And if you can tell the difference, maybe the discrete card is adjusted from its default settings.
  4. im sure a discrete card will perform much better then the external DAC on the z-5500
  5. Myself i looked for weeks for a soundcard went to all kinds of PC stores listen to about 50 different soundcards then i found the one that i found was the best..it a couple years old but it still beats all you new cards on the market i picked the Creative X Fi Extreme Gamer fatal1ty Pro Series...You can get them with optical out Its a 7.1 card but it has a setting for 5.1 and its all plated gold so you know its a high quality card it has 24-bit Crystalizer technology it also has X-Ram meaning it has 64 mbs onboard ram...Over all its a kick ass soundcard...hears a link
  6. Hello,

    I posted a comment to you earlier about which sound card to use and my choice was Creative X Fi Extreme Gamer fatal1ty Pro Series..Now just lately i changed from Analog and went on line and bought the Dolby Digital Live DTS Pack for real cheap and man what a boost in quality sound in Analog your system is only playing in 1.3 you only get action from the sub the center speaker plus the two front..mind you ..you get sound from the back speaker but theres no action like cross over sound meaning no 5.1 at all..But now its amazing its true 5.1 now i get cross over action from side to side or corner front right to back left true 5.1 and now im using all the features my sound card and sound system has to offer..I should have done this long time ago so if you have the Z-5500's like i do dont go Anolog its a total waste
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