Zenith Limited edition EGO series VS DELL Studio???

Hi Guys.. I need some insight into which is a better option between Zenith Limited edition EGO series and DELL Studio.
The Zenith Config is here:

Basics are:
P8400 c2d CPU
2 GB RAM..expandable to 4/8,
NVidia GeForce 9600M GS ,
320 GB HDD
And the dell was customized to T6600 cpu,
(/P8700 turns out Expensive)
320GB HDD.
Guys help me reason out the better option out of these..PLEASE
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  1. What are you going to use the machines for?
  2. I intend to use for gaming and general purpose . I believe the performance characteristics of the two graphics cards are not too drastically different. the question comes to the CPU..
    T6600 with ATI costs 45K/ P8400 with NVidia Costs 44K/ P8700 with ATI (50K+) .
    Thanks for the help.. appreciate it..
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