Question: Tualitin Upgrade...possible/worth it?

Hey all,

I'm not exacltly a genious when it comes to the inner workings of a computer but I know that I need an upgrade!

Current rig:

P3 800 (socket 370)
192mb pc133 RAM
TNT2 M64 32mb
VIA Apollo Pro133A chipset
W/Digital 20gb IDE ATA/66 HDD
Windows 98 se

In the next month I'm upgrading to a Ge Force 2 Pro 64mb as well as another 128mb RAM for a total of about $70AUS ($35US or there abouts)

I have just read the review here about using an adapter to use newer cpu's on older mobo's and I'm wondering if using an Upgradeware 370GU CPU Upgrade Adaptor for Socket 370 will work on my mobo? If it can I will use a Celeron 1.3ghz "Tualatin". I can get both of them in a pack for $160AUS ($80US).

So my question is will that adapter and cpu combination work on my mobo? And what sort of performance increase will I be looking at?

Thanks for your time and consideration,


P.S: Dont make the answers too complicated hehe :)

*Waves and smiles* in a display of nfi
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  1. well as you have the via chipset its 133fsb capable... so your better off (performance wise) to get the tully, not the celleron.
    it will cost more though.

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  2. Your board should support the Upgradeware adapter. The Tualatin Celeron 1.3GHz won't give you a HUGE improvement, only a small one. It's severaly hampered by it's 100MHz bus speed. If you want a 133MHz bus speed, you could choose a PIII Tualatin (expsensive), or a SLOWER Celeron. The Tualatin 1.1GHz Celeron will usually run 1466MHz at around 1.60v on that adapter, while the 1.2GHz, is FAR LESS LIKELY to reach 133MHz bus (1600MHz), and the 1300 DEFINATELY WON'T overclock to 133MHz bus (1733MHz!).

    Usually an 1.0GHz or 1.1GHz Tualatin Celeron will reach at least 133MHz bus without problems. And at 1333MHz, an overclocked 1.0 GHz Tualatin Celeron will outperform a stock speed 1400, due to increased bus bandwidth alone.

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