Why does User name appear on every document in Word?

User (or administrator) Name appears on every page printed in WORD, in very small type below the level of normal footer. How can this be turned off? Where does this behavior originate?
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  1. I'd like to add a few more details about this problem, since I now have time:

    The printing is below the normal margins of Word, and even below the normal "footer" margin. It does not show up in the document in any form. Even when the option to view all formatting marks, etc. the name does not show up. Yet when any page is printed, the user name (which happens to be the previous user) prints out in very small font a the very bottom edge of the page. This only began to happen after a new printer was installed recently. I have gone into the printer "properties" tab and attempted to change user information there -- to no effect.

    This has me 'buffaloed'. I am actually attempting to help a friend who is pastor of a church. After the purchase of a new laser printer, the name of his predecessor has begun to appear at the bottom edge of every document printed in Word--not good. I would like to solve this mystery and help my friend.
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