Dell 2209WA vs LG W2353V vs Samsung P2370 - Which is best?


I want to get a new monitor for PC gaming, web browsing, documents and applications, and occasional photo editing. Gaming is probably the priority though ;) I'm upgrading from an Acer x223w.

I've narrowed it down to the following three choices I think:

Dell 2209WA 22" - $248.99 (regular $369.99)
LG Flatron W2353V 23" - $249.99 (regular $279.99)
Samsung P2370 23" - $269.99 (regular $329.99)

(Note: Prices are in Canadian dollars)

The LG and Samsung use a TN panel while the Dell is an IPS panel. I think IPS is supposed to be better in terms of color reproduction and viewing angles, but the response times and input lag aren't as good as the TN panels (games) I don't think. For example, the gray to gray response times of the LG and Samsung are 2ms while the Dell is 6ms. However, the reviews of the Dell that I found online say that it performs well in games with no noticeable ghosting or anything. Would the review be more reliable than the spec? I've remember reading somewhere before that comparing the refresh rates isn't always reliable because they can be measured in different ways. Also, the LG and Samsung are 1080 resolution while the Dell is 1050. Not sure if that makes a big difference. I'm not going to be watching movies on it, just games, browsing, document editing, and photo editing. The Dell is also only 22" while the other two are 23".

What does the community think? Has anyone compared the monitors side by side? Any gamers out there using the 2209WA?

Thanks very much for all of your opinions and help! :)
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  1. 2209WA, without question.
  2. Not so fast.

    Dell has a special, the 2309WA 23", getting you 1 inch more screen, its 249 now.
  3. With the exception of the Dell 2209WA, all monitors mentioned in this thread use TN panels.
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    Non-Euclidean said:
    Not so fast.

    Dell has a special, the 2309WA 23", getting you 1 inch more screen, its 249 now.

    The 2209WA is far better. It uses an IPS panel, giving it better color and image quality.
  5. Thanks for all the responses! So I went with the 2209wa and my only regret is that I didn't buy 2! It's great! Thanks!
  6. Glad you like it :)

    It truly has an amazing quality for the price.
  7. where did you find the 2209wa in Canada, and for what price?
  8. It was on on sale for $248.99. I don't think it's on sale anymore.
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