I bought a Pinnacle Dazzle Video Creator (RCA jacks to USB) to digitize my analog camcorder video and the picture and sound work ok. But when I tried capturing analog music (from turn table) I get NO SOUND. I have tried 4 different audio capture software programs and no luck.

I first tried plugging my Pioneer PL-600 turntable directly to the Dazzle divice and when I had no luck I went through my Technics Integrated Amplifier SU-G91 (21 years old) and still no luck.

Any hope for Dazzle to perform this function?
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  1. I assume that the software that came with the product captures only video? I wouldn't be surprised if the data stream is readable only by that program. As an alternative, you could try using a cable to the line in jack on your sound card and capturing the audio with audacity.
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