How Easy to Blow a Subwoofer?

Hello all :)

Ok, I have the Logitech X-540 Speaker system. I REALLY love my bass, so I have it cranked to full a lot of the time.

My question is: How easy is it to blow the subwoofer? I am not too interested in buying another one ;)

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  1. Provided the subwoofer is rated to continuously handle the peak wattage of the amplifier, you shouldn't worry about blowing it.

    Given that the subwoofer here IS the amplifier, chances are good that they've matched up the wattage properly.
  2. You can blow it, but in order to do so, you'd need to be bottoming it out all the time. It makes a very distinctive (and terrible) noise when you bottom out a sub, so if it sounds OK, I wouldn't worry too much.
  3. What exactly do you mean by "Bottoming out?"

    Btw, thanks for the replies! :)
  4. If the cone physically hits something, then it is bottoming out. Believe me, you'll know when that happens (I've done it to my 12" SVS sub).
  5. Its very easy,Use a syringe filled with water and spray it into the woofer when playing bassssssssss!!!
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