How to reset QMS magicolor 2200 OPC drum counter


Anyone can help please. My QMS Magicolor 2200 refuses to print even 1 page B & W and the LCD shows:" Replace OPC drum". Some friends said no need to replace yet, just reset the OPC drum counter and it will print again. But how to do it ?


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  1. Victor,
    It is rather easy to extent all the modules in the 2200 I have found. The processor has a counter I expect the blows a fuse on the cartrage be they toner or OPC or what ever. You need a package of 80 milliamp fuses. On the modules there are a couple silver strips which with the module plastic from a fuse holder.
    This not something to get in a hurry about, carefully remove the silver metal strips and at one end they will have prongs the contact the fuse. Power down the printer, follow the pictures to remove the offending module, look it over a discover that which I have previously stated. The fuse is a fast-act .080 A 5X20MM, Digi-key at 800 344-4539 has Part Number 1930080000. This evening I did the trick on the OCR module and emptied the dust bin. This can be done using a trash bag in an area with no wind. The thing I have found that makes the toner and other modules last is to 'never' turn the printer off. This single action saves toner and the rest of the machine. I now love my Magicolor 2200 once I learned to keep it powered.
    You can very easily refill the toner cartridges, obtain toner, remover one screw in the black cover on the end of the cartrage and you will find a 'Cap Plug' where you add the toner. The vendor I bought toner from provided a fuse and instructions in the 'Kit'. Happy Print at lower cost.
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  2. ATTENTION ALL: Use respiratory protection when handing toner and emptying the Waste Toner Bottle. Even a very good protection device may not keep all from you nose and etc. These powders are beyond very fine.
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