HELP!? PC speakers got wet!wat to do!?

I got a 2.1 speaker system and the left channel wet, but not really soaked; somebody spat on it, its a Creative SBS A300

pls help is really appreciated
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  1. I assume the issue is with the speaker cone -- normally you'd just leave that to dry but with spit -- well not really an option. If the cone is made of paper be very careful if you use a damp cloth for example because the paper may shrink. Better to try a pure alcohol -- not liquor because that is part water.

    I can't believe the spit was so big it affected the electronics in the
    subwoofer ?

    By the way there are rules about some words on the forum and your use of an @ doesn't really mitigate.
  2. well, sorry I edited it and removed the bad word...
    actually it still works the left channel still works but I fear it might just suddenly stop working or any other negative effect. Do I really have to clean it or sumthing?
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    No. Leave it.
  4. i hope you/OP didnt spit on it :)
  5. well I left it to dry and now I tested and now I am enjoying metal with speakers; its ok now :D
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