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hi wonder if anyone can philips hts6600 home theatre and sound has almost gone.used to have volume set on 6 but can only hear if i turn it up to max(about 40).can get volume from tv ok but not surround sound.unit is connected as follows.speakers to sub woofer,sub woofer to sky+ box via digital coax into converter and into sky box via toslink optical cable.there is also a cable from sub woofer to surround unit(in unit i mean the bit that plays the dvds etc).i bought another converter thinking that could be the problem but same problem.any ideas
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  1. I assume the stores in your area have something like a 30 day return policy? Pick up a set and test it at home, that way you will know if its your source (tv/dvd/whatever) or your phillips system.
  2. I have the same problem .Mine worked fine for about 2 years .I don't believe its a hook up problem.I'm almost sure its an amplifier problem
  3. Me too, my Philips HTS6600 started mysteriously going silent after a couple years of daily use. Initially turning it off/on gave another day of listening but not anymore. Hate to trash it, must be a simple problem ...
  4. Same problem here.................mine plays DVD's, CD's, Radio, MP3 etc fine, but has lost all sound from the TV ( has been connected via scart lead for 6 - 7 months daily use with no issues till now ). Had the unit at an engineer who says that it's the motherboard and components that's went kaput !!! It's around 3 years old now and If I send it back to Philips it'll probably cost around £150 to repair -I hate to say it, but it looks like it's only fit for the bin now :( :(
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