2 MONTHS for dell to deliver a laptop?!

I ordered my new Dell Studio 17 laptop yesterday, 17th december 2009. I knew I wouldn't get it for Christmas, but I was thinking maybe the week after (in 2.5 weeks). I just checked the expected delivery time for the laptop on the dell site and they say it will be delivered on the 9th Febuary 2010!!

Is this normal? I don't think that I ordered anything out of the ordinary, and the dell studio 17 had a €500 discount on it when I ordered it (so they can't be out of stock of components).

It's very frustrating as I know that in about 2 months there will be better deals and parts out, and I still won't have my laptop!!!!
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  1. I'd threaten to cancel, the least they'll do is offer you inducements to wait.

    My brother virtually wrote his own price for a Gaming laptop from Dell that way.
  2. So this is normal?
  3. I logged into my dell account (French site) and the only options to contact the Suooprt Service seem to be by email. I'm not sure how to go about getting anything done. Even if they do reply, they will just send a standard email saying that it's due to the Christmas order build up.

    Any ideas?
  4. There should be a phone number for orders -- either in their ads or on the main website.
  5. ok well their support is closed on sat and sun. I'll try on Monday.

    Am I right in thinking 2 months is long? or is it normal?
  6. 2 months is not ridiculous is it ?
  7. It's not ridiculous if you customized the notebook in some manner.
  8. frozenlead said:
    It's not ridiculous if you customized the notebook in some manner.

    And the fact that it is Christmas time. Christmas and Graduation are probably two of the busiest times to order a laptop. Then again, you usually find the best deals.
  9. True, I forgot about the whole Christmastime deal.

    Makes me happy knowing I customized my Sager and they got it to me in a week.

    Then again, I did pay $2500 for it..
  10. So I shouldn't call them? I just can't imagine why it would take a 6th of a year to deliver a laptop, even customised.
  11. I ordered an HP customized maybe 2 weeks ago, it only took a week for them to build and me to receive it. I'd think even with it being a busy period for them, it shouldn't be taking 2 months for them to put it together unless they only have 1 person in a shop building them all one by one, which im going to assume isn't how Dell's doing it
  12. Haven't you seen the Dell ad with the big presses where they squeeze out candy coloured laptops like confectionery. That's how they make them these days.
  13. I just called Dell and they said that they will not upgrade the computer but that I can cancel if I want. I am a bit disapointed, since I expected that they would at least upgrade the ram.
  14. same with mine, i orded inspiron 570, will take 2 months and 5 days to arrive. 3 days later i checked the website, the price has dropped by £20, the hard drive has improved and the 30 day free macafee has gone up to 15 months, im pritty pissed it says i cant cancel after its in " production"? i was told before my purchase it will take around 2 weeks.
  15. Quote:
    Haven't you seen the Dell ad with the big presses where they squeeze out candy coloured laptops like confectionery. That's how they make them these days.

    yea 2 months waiting is a joke, he isnt alone. they've got willy wonker an the umpa lumpas on the job.... why dont they just employ polish people... they do in the U.K and at a faster pace -_-
  16. Yes - it's horrid. And the laptop isn't even in "production" stage yet! It's still right after the payment stage!!
  17. my Dell Inspiron 570 is in the production stage... i will receive it "approximately" 4th of Feb. before i made the purchase they told me i would get it in 2 weeks. if id of known about this 2 months + *** i would have built my own and at a cheaper cost.

    Dont buy from Dell. :non:
  18. Just an upadte on this thread:

    It is now the 30th of January and I still don't have the laptop. It is still in "preparation stage", not even in production, and the status of the order still says it is set to be delivered in a week from now. I fully expecting to have to call them in a week and ask why the laptop hasn't even started being made yet.
  19. I looked online and now they say that it will be delivered on the 10th of MAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I waited TWO MONTHS for this laptop, and nothing has even happened in those two months!! AND NOW THEY WANT ME TO WAIT FIVE MONTHS!!

    This is absurd, I'm very angry. I can't get through to phone support as I work 9-6 everyday, it's 6:30 here when I called them, and they are closed !

    Im VERY upset.
  20. I'd cancel if I found a better deal for sure. Dell usually does a pretty good job though.
  21. OK. I'm VERY fed up.

    No, I don not want to cancel. I just waited 2 months for NOTHING. I want to be compensated for that waste of time.

    I got off the phone with a very rude customer support agent, by the name of sara elrhani, who:
    1. Refused to pass me her manager
    2. Refused to compensate me or upgrade my order saying "dell ne fait pas de geste commercial" (Dell dosen't make any commercial gestures)

    I'm sick and tired of this. I feel cheated and stuck.
  22. Hello everyone, here is the update from my experience of "Dell Hell".

    To summarise this thread:
    - I ordered a Dell Studio 17 on 17 Dec 09, there was a 500 euro discount as part of my offer
    - Before the order, the sales page said delivery would take 2 weeks.
    - After ordering, (minutes after seeing the date on the sales page) I was told delivery would take 2 months (09 Feb 2010)
    - I called dell Customer Support, which informed me that the delivery would probably be around Jan 15
    - The computer never shipped, and I waited until the delivery date in Feb (today).
    - The new estimated date is in May 2010... That's almost half a year to ship a computer.

    I called Dell again

    Despite having been treated very poorly by Dell customer support during my last call (refused to pass me a manager, said only option is to cancel), I decided to call again. I got the same reply: It dosen't matter what element of your order is causing the delay, you have to make a new order.

    I wanted 1 of 2 logical solutions:
    For the "out of stock" hardware causing the delay to be replaced with other hardware and for the difference in price to be credited from/debited to my credit card.
    For the 500 euro discount to be applied to my "new" order. I don't really care how Dell's internal system works (having to cancel and order again), but to me this is the same order, and I want to have the original terms of payment applied.

    ...and maybe compensation for the 2 months lost waiting for nothing (which I soon realised is far beyond what Dell is willing to offer)

    Very Rude Treatment

    I was again greeted by agressive employees, who would cut me off during my sentences, and transfer me whilst I talked. They refused to pass me a manager, saying that "our managers do not talk to customers".

    One Dell representative even said "This is how the Dell procedure works, we're not going to make an exception for one person", and I said "Is the Dell procedure to promise a laptop in two weeks, make customers wait for 2 months, renage on their terms of payment, force them to buy a WORSE computer for 500 euros MORE, or threaten them with having to cancel and thus waste two months? Surely this is an exceptional case and so I would like to speak with someone who can deal with this". They told me that no one can deal with it.

    What the put me though in over 1 hour of phone conversations

    Called "Customer Support", which transferred me to
    Customer Support, Reception", transferred me to
    Customer Service , transferred me to
    Sales, transferred me to
    Support, transferred me to
    Customer Support, transferred me to
    Sales, transferred me to
    Customer Support, transferred me to
    Sales Reception, transferred me to
    Customer Support Reception, transferred me to
    Sales, transferred me to
    General Reception, transferred me to
    Sales, transferred me to
    Reception, transferred me to

    ... each time having to explain the situation again.

    The last person kept insisting that I buy a worse computer for 500 euros MORE, as did all the others, and refused to pass me a manager or even consider any compensation for the hassel and wasted time.

    After being passed around, treated with complete disrespect, I seem to have no choice but to cancel. I spent 1800 euros at Dell that I will now spend somewhere they treat their customers with more respect.

    Am I biased against Dell? No - All of my last 3 computers have been Dell, I have recommended Dell to 4 friends and relatives that has resulted in 6 Dell purchases from them alone. Now I have really changed my mind and will never get a Dell again. I took the time to come back here and write in the hope that this post will help inform others of the hell that is Dell.
  23. I would also like to add that the last sales staff tried to get me to buy a rubbish computer, attempting to take advantage of my lack of knowledge. Unfortunately, I DO know about computers, and know that some of the things she said arent true, e.g.:

    I can get a terrible proccessor instead of the i7-820GM that I ordered because I won't be playing "2 or more simultanious professional internet games on the laptop"

    I said that i wanted to look up the specs she was offering me and she wouldnt leave me the time, refusing to allow me to hang up. I said that I would anyway and she said that she will call me back in under 10 min. Why? Could it be so that I don't do the research needed to find out that she was selling me fluff?
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