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I was wondering about this. Does say a AMD Athlon 2800+ actually run at 2800mhz or is it just smart advertising ?

Can someone post a list of AMD processor's and what clock speed that they really run at, or is there some math equation to use to find out the real clock speed ?
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  1. No it is not true clock speed. It is a PR rating. What the PR rating means is it will perform just as good or better than a 2800Mhz P4. Usualy slightly better. It is to cater for the general public. It wouldnt work for the general people to advertise a 2.1gig athlon compared to a 2.8gig P4 even though the athlon can kick the P4`s ass. Avarage people would only buy the P4 because it has a bigger number.

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  2. Hey, I bought my eMachines computer a little while ago because I was on a budget and I needed somethign for school. I got curious and started looking up the parts that were in it. There is a sticker on the front that says that I have an athlon xp 2800+, however, both System Information and WCPUID say that it runs at 2088 mhz. According to you're article( ), it is supposed to run at 2255 mhz! that's a big loss. Am I missing something, and is there any way to get it up to par?
  3. They probably underclocked it for stability and keeping it cool and quiet. What is your FSB and muliplier (you can find these in your BIOS).

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  4. AMD made 2 versions of 2800+. Initially they released a 2.25 GHz, 256k L2 cache 2800+, but it was produced in very limited quantity. Later they released a 2.08 GHz, 512k L2 cache 2800+. AMD marketing may beleive that both processors perform equal. But in real world apps, usually the higher clocked version is little faster.

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  5. fsb is 334mhz (2*166). Multiplier is 12.5 times. I just tried nvidia's ntune app and I got it up to 352 mhz before the computer restarted. This made the processor about 2201 mhz. I don't think it is worth the chance on instability or frying my processor. However, all I did was change the fsb, not any of the memory controls. I dunno, I think I'll leave it as it is, but can anyone give me any tips on how to squeeze some more power out of my machine? (other than the usual defrag and virus checking stuff... i've definitely got that covered.

    I guess it's a barton luck... but this computer is fairly fast anyway... my fsb is 100 mhz faster than the processor cpeed of my last computer! haha.

    Oh, one more thing, althogh I dint' know if it belongs in this thread; I want to upgrade from the geforce4(it's integrated... and yes, I have an agp slot). Is there anythign worthwhile for around 50 bucks or less? right now I am looking at the ati 9000 (128mb) and ati 9200(64). which is better? If you have any suggestions, feel free to give input.

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  6. None of them are much better than integrated GeForce4 MX (assuming you're using it with dual channel configuration). For significant performance boost, you should get at least a GeForce4 Ti4200 or Radeon 9600 Pro

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