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how to install windows xp on my dell laptop 1545 using dos ?
i know the bios method but i am looking for dos method[
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  1. I don't get your issue here. What happens when you insert the Windows XP installer into your optical drive, set the optical drive as your primary boot device, and launch Windows setup from there?
  2. On inserting a windows xp cd in the optical drive , the xp setup does run .
    It copies files from the cd to the hard drive, after that installation is aborted by windows with a blue screen and a window message reading u are installing an older version of windows which is not permitted (rest details is not remembered)
    After that vista reboots .

    One possible solution is to change to ATA mode that i know

    (solution from net I found
    Win xp dont have a driver for hard disk in AHCIi mode, To solve this go to bios setup and select hdd mode to AHA, and try to install win xp , though I haven't tried it )

    but one technician told me xp can be installed only from the command prompt and I have to pay him to employ his services .

    but if u could help me out with the dos method
    it will be a great relief
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    What about setting up a dual boot XP/Vista option?

    The EasyBCD program listed in this How-To article will let you set the XP partition as first/default boot option.
    -> How to dual boot Vista and XP (with Vista installed first) -- the step-by-step guide with screenshots

    I have XP/Vista/Win7/Ubuntu all loaded on the same laptop.
  4. ruchitsharma2009 said:
    Win xp dont have a driver for hard disk in AHCIi mode
    I'm pretty sure XP SP3 does have that driver.
  5. thanks for the reply

    but if dos method is known to u please post it
    if not ,then could u give some relevant web links to it
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