Creative Arena Surround USB headset, stuttering!

Just today I treated myself (Via ebay of course) to a new Creative headset.
This is a USB one, so it has its own soundcard built into it.
However, I've noticed that since using the device, I get occasional stuttering. Like if I play an MP3, every so often it stutters, like its a faulty mp3 file.
It does it when playing AVI files too and its very frustrating.
It does it alot more when the PC is under load. Does anyone know why?

The only analogy I can use to describe the stutter is imagine that your extracting a large ISO/RAR, encoding a video or installing a large game. The computer is under stress and everything goes slower and sometimes even on my old sound card I would get the stutter. But only when I pushed my computer to its limits. This headset does it when Im just playing a song.
In fact it does it all the time. Even watching youtube videos produces the same issue and its melting my brain. I always use headphones over speakers because of my situation. So I have to either buy ANOTHER set or use my old ones. This baby cost me £60+
Any help would be amazing!

Specs are:

Corsair 4GB DDR3 1600
896MB NVidia XFX GTX275 670MHz
Intel Core i5 750 2.66G s1156
GigaByte GA-P55-UD4
LG DVD Lightscribe Drive
1000W PSU
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  1. I'm in a similar situation, if I play games while using my creative headset then I get occasional stuttering and sound loss (some of the sounds simply do not play, as in environmental sounds might continue playing, but I'll lose the sounds from gunfire and reloads) in some games, most notably in Left 4 Dead and Mass Effect 2. It seems to happen whenever there are lots of sound sources playing at once.

    My (notably cheaper) headphones, by contrast, play the audio just fine through my on-board sound card (using realtek software) when playing the same games. In fact, the problem only occurs if I use the headset for playback, if I use my on-board sound card for playback and the headset for recording, everything works fine.

    Not really what I expected from a gaming headset.

    System specs:
    evga 680i mobo
    320MB 8800GTS GPU
    2GB 1066Hz OCZ RAM
    E6750 2.6GHz (overclocked to 3GHz) CPU
    500GB Samsung Spinpoint HDD
    850W Antec Quattro PSU

    I don't really want to send this headset back, so any assistance would be wonderful, and I'm sure the OP would be happy too.
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