Compact Flash Data Corruption Problems

My CF card has been corrupted and I would love some help! I'm hoping that it is not done for. The issue is that my assistant was transferring images from the card via the camera and accidentally unplugged it before it had completed. She plugged it back in and finished transferring the images. She gave me the camera and card back and I thought that she had already formatted the card. I didn't double check it! I took a couple pictures and the card/camera went haywire on me. It told me that the card was not formatted to this camera. I attempted to format the card in camera but it said that the card could not be formatted. I have tried to format the card via another slr and I get the same problem. When I plug the camera into the computer with this card, it doesn't read anything. I have also tried plugging it into the computer via a CF card reader and then attempting to format the card that way and again, nothing. It is a SanDisk Extreme 16 GB card. I have even tried following SanDisks instructions for formatting the card with Disk Management in windows but after following all the directions, it does not give me the option to format. I don't need to recover any images off of the card as I already have them, but I DO need to repair this card. I need to use it tomorrow!

* It's not a camera problem because the camera works like normal with a different CF card.
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  1. Try this
    1) connect the card reader into the PC
    2) Insert the CF card into your the card reader.
    3) Right-click the card reader driver. Click "Format."

    if you can format, choose the "FAT32" file system from the drop down menu and click "Start" to reformat the corrupt card.

    if there is other window show up say " There is no disk in the driver, Insert a disk, and then try again." Then you need to please contact SanDisk Technical Support.
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