Help i want to upgrade my compaq ram and hardive

ok i got a compaq presario sr2010nx and it sucks right now i only have 512 mb of ram and 120gb of hardrive on it and want to just plain old upgrade this piece of $@#$ but i want to see some how to videos on changing the hardrive and ram and how much storage of hardrive should i et and how much ram can this hold and how many slots does it have? and also i running crappy windows xp home edition and want to know if i can upgrade it from windows XP to vista then vista to windows 7 how can i do this fro free anyone know? cause i really needa make my comp better so how can i do all of this? :o :o
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  1. the comp is fairly low end. it can only take 2GB of ram at DDR2 667mhz. the ram is cheap, you can buy it new for about 12 bucks a gig. the HD will take any sata, they are also cheap; 500gb is only about 50 bucks new. it has a PCI-E slot so you can install a better graphics card if you want or need. may need a bigger PSU for any high end card tho. i can not find any info on raid but its a safe assumption that raid is not available on this MB. it has 2 ram slots so you need 2 1gig sticks. you can upgrade from xp to 7 dont buy vista. you will need to format your comptuer tho so getting a backup HD or installing your new HD as primary and keeping your current as a backup drive would be just fine.
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