Where can I order a 1700 Tbred B

DO any of you know where I can purchasde one of these outright?

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  1. If you live in the States: <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com" target="_new">http://www.newegg.com</A>
    It's based in City of Industry, near Los Angeles.

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  2. I checked out Newegg, but they don't have a item that is listed as the correct stepping. DO you know a site that does?

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  3. Newegg has the rev B in the xp2100 version... didnt see it for the 1700 but you can call them and they can hook you up. They did it for me when I got a c1 stepping p4 2.4B...

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  4. If I order an Athlon XP 2000 or 2100 today, am I pretty much guaranteed that I'll get a Thoroughbred 'B' version?

  5. On Newegg.com's web site, click on the top 10 sellers. You'll see the 2100 listed as "Revision B". It will also identify itself as Thoroughbred, not Palomino. From what I heard you can still get 2.1ghz with correct multiplier/FSB combinations.

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  6. At Newegg for the 1700+ Tbred, if you read the customer comments you will see that the last 6 or 8 posters have mentioned that they received Tbred B's.

    I hope Newegg is consistant on this. I ordered one.

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  7. I just ordered the TBred 2100. I just gotta see it first hand. I'm gonna push that chip all the way...

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  8. There are two types of low speed (1700/1800+) T-Bred B <A HREF="http://www.overclockers.com" target="_new">http://www.overclockers.com</A>. Read this before order (tips on the botton of the first page).
  9. Excaliber pc guarantees you will get the JIUHB:0302 stepping in the 1700.
  10. i just ordered a athlonxp 1700 from newegg and it was a b and it was factory unlocked and greeeeeennnnnn...... kooooooooo :)....
  11. Wow, your's has the green core? I just picked up one, and it's brown, does 1.50 volts at 1.67GHz (10x166) right out of the box ^__^ Going for the whole 2.4Ghz on air!

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  12. Newegg.com. I purchased 3 of them about three weeks ago...and they were all B's. Might have to unlock them... didn't check closely. Got them for $48.00 each, but I think price goes up a bit as supply goes down. And yes! They are all green and JIUHB.
  13. I thought the J chips were not as good as the A chips. See
    for reference.

    So why would you be excited with a J chip?
  14. <A HREF="http://www.pcnut.com" target="_new">http://www.pcnut.com</A> he will over clock and test them and sell then that way check it out.

  15. Yes, I think so.
  16. I'm not making sense of your response, andlcs. Can you elaborate?
  17. I read in <A HREF="http://www.overclockers.com" target="_new">http://www.overclockers.com</A> that "J" cores steppings of low speed T-Bred B are not that good. Not even better than the T-Bred A.
  18. Sorry, I missed seeing your post.

    I finally got the Tbred 1700+. I'm running it now on my KT133A mobo (Yeah, I know. Get a new mobo). It overclocks nicely to 2100 Mhz (15 * 140). That's XP2600+ territory. Well worth the $53 I paid.

    I even tested on my even older KT7 mobo (now my nephew's system). Works there too but the chip is mod'd. For my mobo I mod'd so that I could access the higher multipliers and I set the default to 15x. It POSTed 15 x 100 when I cleared CMOS.

    Strangely, on the KT7 (KT133) it POSTs at 20 x 100 by default. I wasn't expecting this. I planned 15x or 7X if the high multiplier bit just go lost but not 20x. Oh well, it works just the same. A 2000 Mhz Tbred B is a huge improvement over the 900 Mhz Duron. (Guess what my nephew's next upgrade will be?)

    Anyway, that was just a test. The Tbred is back in my main system but even at 2100 Mhz it doesn't "feel" much faster than the Tbird @1.5 I was using previously. 600 Mhz faster and and about 7 degrees cooler. That makes it worth the investment. It's a whole 12 degrees cooler when I run it at the same 1.5 Ghz as the Tbird!

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  19. Can you provide a link to that website?

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