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I am wondering if it is possible to send what i see on my PC screen over a wired network to my HDTV (a Sony NX810). I know there are wireless configurations, but i don't want to spend the money on those and don't really need it to be wireless. Basically my computer is upstairs and my tv is downstairs so I can't physically hook it up with a HDMI cable, but i have both PC and TV hooked to the network. Any suggestions?
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  1. i was at the sony website looking for information about your television.
    there was nothing listed about showing your desktop or a video game.
    but you can stream movies/music/photos from your computer to the television.
    the instructions on how to do that are here:

    i think if you want to see everything that your computer screen displays.. you are gonna need some long rca cords (component).

    those rca cords should be a cheaper buy than the hdmi cable.
    however, hdmi is a digital connection.. component is analog.
    therefore, you might see some signal degradation using the component input.
    but that really depends on the quality of the metal used in the cables.

    i was having a look on ebay and found some 50ft component cables with audio cables included for about $20

    and here is a 35ft hdmi cable for about $19

    it appears the cost of the hdmi cable has come down.

    no matter how you hook up the computer to the television, you are going to need a way to control the computer.

    it looks like you have a very expensive extension cord need.
    and i think you would have to hack into the sony software to make anything other than the windows media player show up on the television.
    if you follow the instructions, you might be able to use the TV remote control to navigate through windows media player.
    that would be a huge benefit.

    because if you decided to use a different program to stream the movies over the ethernet cord:
    1. the television might not recognize the program
    2. you might have to do some 'real-time' conversion of all video/audio so that it can be played back by the television (lots of cpu resources being used if it does work)
    3. you probably wont get the benefit of using the remote control to select which movie or audio file you want to play.

    are you looking to play movies or music that is stored on the computer?
    are you trying to access more internet websites than what the television is 'preset' to connect to?
    are you trying to play video games on the television downstairs?

    i think the windows media player will work fine for watching movies and listening to music.
    but the video and audio files must be in the appropriate format for the television to play them.
    therefore, you are still limited to what you can do.

    looking at the avchd wikipedia page.. it says that it may be possible to burn an avchd file onto a blu-ray disc without having to re-encode it.
    but that means you can burn an avchd file onto a blu-ray disc and play it in any blu-ray player.

    what it means for movies on the computer is.. all movies will have to be re-encoded into mpeg2 or avchd before they will play on the television.

    audio is a bit easier since the television will play PCM or mp3
    i dont know if it will play .wav files or .pcm files only
    because a .wav file can have a compressed audio file inside of it OR it can be an uncompressed .pcm file with the additional 'header' of information that makes it a .wav file.

    if you ran an ethernet cord through the wall.. you should be able to run an hdmi or component cable through the wall.
    but i dont know if you rent or own a house.. and i wouldnt suggest removing the ethernet socket and making the hole in the wall bigger so it will fit a hdmi or component cable.

    if you go here:
    you will find some information about the format.. as well as codecs that can play the format.. and even programs that can convert movies into the format needed for your television.
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